What we do

Production Flow Analysis
Identifying Customer Requirements and Needs
Choosing the Solution
Electrical / Automation / Mechanics / Hydraulics / Pneumatics Design
Modeling and Simulation
Functional Testing
Models and Prototypes
Integration of Equipment and Installations
Complex Projects
Optimization in Production Process Flow
Service and Maintenance


Robots and Robotic Systems Integration into the existing production processes:

• Process Analysis, Choice Solutions, Customization
• Modeling and Simulation
• Project Execution
• Commissioning and Training
• Maintenance

Design of industrial robot manufacturing cells including technical and technological design for processes such as screwdriving, soldering, welding, painting, drying, cutting, abrasive, grinding, manipulation and load transportation or other technological operations, at the customer's request.
Load Transportation Systems - Design and Execution:

• AGV (Automated guided Vehicle);
• conveyor systems with belt, chain or roller, suspended or ground, with or without accumulation, with drive or manual, intersections, rotary tables, access and evacuation posts;
• other functional modules on request.
Lightweight lifting / handling systems for halls and workstations, such as: bridge, portal, V-type swivel or light cranes, fixed or monorail, electric or manual, chain or rope hoists, zero-gravity handling arms, lifting tables and elevator type systems.
Design and execution of fully equipped workstations used for technological operations such as screwdriving, soldering, welding, painting, drying, cutting and/or other technological operations, at the customer's request.


VISION Systems for measurement of electrical and non-electrical quantities - ex. current, voltage, distance, accelerated, force, mechanical torque, pressure, flow, lighting, luminous flux, color, surface quality etc.
Testing Solutions - customized solutions for measuring, acquiring and memorizing product parameters.
In-Line Quality Inspection an Sorting Systems - checking / identifying the presence, position, shape, size, alignment, color or other required parameters along the production flow and sorting the products accordingly.
Coding, Marking and Tracking Systems
• printers (inkjet, laser);
• labeling systems;
• bar code reading and identification systems; RFID tag systems;
• point marking systems;
• scratch, press, electro –chemical or other custom marking and coding solutions.
Design and execution of
• palletizing and / or flipping stations for products packed in bags / boxes, containers, glass or plastic containers;
• depalletizing stations and accumulation tables;
• cardboard boxes, wooden or plastic cassettes packaging systems;
• dosing and packing systems;
• other customized equipment.
• Storage Systems for pallets, boxes, cable drums, tires or other specialized storage systems;
• Search Pick and Pack Systems;
• Shuttle Systems;
• other customized storage solutions;
• integrated WMS (Warehouse Management Systems) solutions.

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About us

EXECON engineering S.R.L. is a company that develops and implements complete solutions ranging from equipment integration to complex general business development for customers in the Industry and Energy sectors. Structured today on two divisions, Robots and Lines of Production and Energy, the company offers integrated services of design, execution, consulting and technology transfer, with customized solutions for each client's profile.

A multidisciplinary team of technicians, most of them with rich technical and technological education, extensive professional experience and university background.

Execon engineering - The Robots and Lines Division aims to increase the quality, efficiency and safety of the personnel in the production processes operated by its customers. We aim to achieve this by designing, executing and optimizing the operation of production lines, manufacturing cells and workstations, in a competitive manner, using state of the art technology and state-of-the-art equipment from dedicated manufacturers in the areas concerned.
Sustainable growth and distinct positioning in the market with good visibility, all achieved through education, technology transfer and work, by a team of professionals to provide customers with the best services, solutions, technologies and works.
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